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The 2021 debut album finally available on vinyl! 300 pressed, 100 on white and 200 on black.

A furious punk rock outfit hailing from Ocean County, New Jersey. The O.C. RIPPERS take the spirit of the STOOGES, the DEAD BOYS and the RAMONES along with comparisons to the CANDY SNATCHERS, CHRONIC SICK, the DICTATORS and MC5 and pelt it with trash, amphetamines and their own shared influences over decades of attacking the public in various bands come and gone. The songs hit hard, fast and leave nothing to ponder. Feel your heart jolt and extremities throb in the grip of pure nihilistic rock and roll as this 2021 debut album is finally available on vinyl. Mark "The Mutha" Chesley of MUTHA RECORDS describes them as "one of the best new bands out there. They fucking rule". Current member of Executors, ex members of Dead Heroes, No Parole, Something In The Water, Wormeaters, Phibes and Lethal Aggression. 300 pressed.

MaximumRockNRoll said: "Aptly named album for a rock’n’roll band hailing from the toxic wastelands of New Jersey. Trashy garage punk noise with one foot in the shadows of Jersey legends like ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and CHRONIC SICK and the other in classic ’70s garage punk like DMZ and LYRES. There’s a lot of material here, but with great songs like ”Piss!,” ”Vomit-Pig,” and ”Rock’N’Roll Til I Die,” you can imagine what you’re in for. Jump in your IROC-Z, put this baby in the tape deck, and you’re in for a quite a swell ride."

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