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The Trouble Seekers debut LP. 200 pressed.

Listening to the Trouble Seeker’s album is like driving a motorcycle on a cold rainy night. The music has icy percussion, shadowy synthesizers, biting guitars, and penetrating vocals that musically, are barely kept within any parameters of safety.  Sometimes the songs start off with drums and keyboards that crawl into the room slowly and low to the ground, like a thick menacing fog. Other times the guitars and vocals kick the doors in without warning, firing all guns at once. On their debut LP, Trouble Seekers find a way to mix BIG BLACK's intensity, SCREAMERS keyboards, and classic Rock N Roll swagger that hammers into place the melodic vocals and hard driving guitar riffs. Kevin McGovern (THE PROSTITUTES) and Hillary Burton (THE PANDORAS and HONEYCHAIN) manage to pull off a dark, melodic, and hard driving album of punk/new wave style songs that are unique and unmatched in sonic caliber. An absolute triumph! – Jay Castro (Born Too Late/Audio Ammunition)

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